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Digital Dental X-Ray Compared to Legacy X-rays

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Digital Dental X-Ray Compared to Legacy X-rays

Digital radiology for dental patients has many advantages worth considering as compared to older legacy x-ray systems. While conventional film imaging helped dentists for many years, nothing quite compares to the advances in modern digital radiology and imaging. It simply means that patients enjoy a higher quality of care while also enjoying reduced exposure to radiation. In certain cases, digital radiology will reduce radiation by almost 80%, as compared to legacy machines. One of the main advantages of using digital dental x-rays is that control of imaging is much more precise. Whether requiring a lighter for darker image or a more focused or more detailed image, digital dental x-rays makes this possible.

Stored Digitally

Enhanced digital imaging in dentistry can detect even the smallest and most minute fractures and imperfections in a dental patient’s oral condition. More detailed imaging equates to better quality dental care. Another clear advantage of using this type of technology is that it requires less storage space in a typical dental practice. When imaging can be stored digitally there is no longer a need to store large files of charts, papers and x-rays. Even the equipment is streamlined, smaller and more mobile. In short, digital radiology in dentistry makes for a cleaner and more organized practice. Patients enjoy genuine quality of care when modern dental technology is used.

No Wait Times and More Environmentally Friendly

Equally impressive is the fact that digital x-rays mean that there is no chemical developing necessary. No odor, no wait times and more environmentally friendly means that digital imaging is the smart choice. With digital dentistry productivity improves along with overall dental quality of care. Perhaps most notable of all is the fact that digital imaging is highly mobile and easy to transport or deliver electronically. This means that patients visiting other dental care providers or specialists where they have been referred can easily bring their entire dental history with them almost instantaneously.

Less Intimidating Machines
Less Intimidating Machines

Digital x-ray imaging in dentistry is far easier to manage, maintain and use as compared to conventional x-rays. Dentists and dental assistants require minimal training when using digital radiology related equipment. Smaller and less intimidating machines means that patients experience less anxiety and less apprehension when having x-rays performed. The clear choice in today’s modern dentistry is digital and that is why so many dental care providers are turning to this type of technology as a way to make the entire dental visit better. Improved dental care and a better overall dental visit means that digital x-rays will only continue to grow in popularity. To learn more about digital dental radiology and all its advantages contact your Elk Grove dentist, Dr. My Huynh at Laguna Park Dentistry today.

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