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There are many types of dental related injuries and conditions that may require restorative dentistry.

There are many types of dental related injuries and conditions that may require restorative dentistry. From a sports injury to an automobile accident or teeth that have become excessively diseased, restorative dentistry offers patients options as a way to look and feel more normal from a dental perspective. Cosmetic dentistry procedures offer innovative restorations that are designed to improve one’s personal appearance as well as dental functionality. Note that a cosmetic dentist is different than a restorative dentist although both may perform similar functions for patients.

Dental Crowns Are Typically Cemented Into Place

Keep in mind that restorative dentistry procedures are typically a part of general dentistry offered by most family dentists. It usually involves a diagnosis and treatment of conditions that have affected the gums, teeth or the jaw and face. Restorative procedures also include the placement of dental crowns that are used to cover cracked and damaged teeth. Dental crowns are typically cemented into place and look just like the patient’s natural teeth. Bridgework is also a type of restorative dentistry that seeks to replace missing teeth by bridging between two healthy teeth.

Helped Literally Hundreds Of Thousands Of People

In addition everything from aesthetic fillings that are designed to not be noticeable to micro-dentistry and cosmetic dentures, the possibilities are just about endless when it comes to restorative dentistry and all that this type of dental care makes possible. With so much to offer, restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry helps literally hundreds of thousands of people around the country and across the world to enjoy a more attractive outward visual appearance. Best of all, modern technology and advanced procedures offer patients more options today then were available just a few short years ago. Talk with your Elk Grove dental care provider, Dr. My Huynh at Laguna Park Dentistry for more information on cosmetic and restorative dentistry for those who want to look and feel their best every day.

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Your health and safety are a top priority. Always ensure that you and your family are in full compliance with any and all CDC as well as local and state health regulatory agency recommendations. In addition, know that today’s modern dental practices like Laguna Park Dentistry strive to maintain an environment that is safe and fully sterilized as per OSHA and CDC guidelines. Finally, if at any time you feel sick or have flu-like symptoms, see your general physician or health care provider right away. Social distancing practices are one of the best ways to reduce the chances of contracting the flu and other communicable diseases such as Covid-19.



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