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Considered an innovative type of dental surgery, gum grafting is intended to address the problem of gum recession.

Considered an innovative type of dental surgery, gum grafting is intended to address the problem of gum recession. Surprisingly, many people suffer from gum recession in some form or another. One of the main problems associated with gum recession is that it is a slow and insidious process that is gradual in nature. As a matter of fact, most people do not realize that their gums are receding until it has progressed to a point where it has become a problem. Gum recession is simply the process of the gums pulling away from the teeth over time. In advanced cases it can be very outwardly noticeable.

Gum Recession Is Gradual In Nature

As the condition progresses and gets worse, small pockets will begin to form between the teeth and gums. This is where bacteria build up can become heavy given time. The good news is that when gum recession is caught early enough it can be treated without the necessity for gum grafting surgery. Because gum recession is gradual in nature it is good to know a few of the early signs associated with this dental condition. For example, an increase in tooth sensitivity as well as if the teeth begin to look larger than usual may indicate that there is a problem. Even small indentations in areas where the teeth meet the gums may indicate that gum recession is happening.

Replacing Gum Tissue With A Flap Of Skin

Keep in mind that the primary cause of gum recession is simply gum disease. When gum-disease is addressed in its early stages it can be prevented. Everything from poor oral hygiene to aggressive brushing and grinding of teeth can accelerate gum disease and gum recession. Gum grafting is typically employed by a dentist as a way to remedy gum recession. The grafting itself involves replacing gum tissue with a flap of skin that is cut from the roof of the patient’s mouth. This tissue is then stitched to gum tissue that is surrounding any exposed tooth roots. Talk with your Elk Grove dentist, Dr. My Huynh at Laguna Park Dentistry today for more information on gum grafts.

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