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Considered an excellent option when a tooth has become damaged, injured or traumatized, dental crowns.

Considered an excellent option when a tooth has become damaged, injured or traumatized, dental crowns are nothing more than a tooth shaped cap that is carefully placed over an existing natural tooth. This is designed to cover and protect a natural tooth and is an excellent restoration for those wishing to save a natural tooth that has either an imperfection or damage or decay. Dentists are careful to ensure that the shape and size of the replacement tooth matches surrounding natural teeth.

Dental Crowns Are Used To Protect A Tooth That Is Weak

Crowns are firmly cemented into place as a way to fully protect the visible portion of the tooth that is above the patient’s gum line. Dental crowns are used to protect a tooth that is weak or a tooth that has become cracked or damaged. Crowns can also be used when a tooth has become severely worn down. In other instances dental crowns are used as an effective way to hold in place a dental bridge. This is most commonly used when a series of teeth in a row are missing. A crown is also effective at covering teeth that have become discolored or misshaped.

A Titanium Rod Has Been Placed Into The Jawbone

Finally, dental crowns are commonly used in order to complement dental implants once the implant has been placed. When a titanium rod has been placed into the jawbone and allowed time to heal with a temporary cap, eventually a permanent dental crown is placed on the implant so as to create a natural, strong and attractive final restoration. From cosmetic modifications to dealing with broken, injured or diseased teeth, dental crowns have many functions today that simply cannot be ignored in modern dentistry. Contact your dentist in Elk Grove, Dr. My Huynh at Laguna Park Dentistry for more information on dental crowns and all that they make possible.

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