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Let’s face it today braces are not just for kids.

Let’s face it today braces are not just for kids. Adults often need teeth alignment and in many cases they would rather not have highly visible metal braces. ClearCorrect is a unique and innovative technology that provides patients with the opportunity to use clear teeth aligners making braces obsolete and teeth straightening virtually invisible. Using the ClearCorrect treatment, patients go through several phases of alignment with each phase involving a new set of aligners. Keep in mind that these aligners are perfectly clear in nature making them almost invisible.

Clearcorrect Is Used Most By Teenagers And Adults

Patient’s transition from one step to the next and will notice small subtle changes in the alignment of their teeth overtime. Working closely with your dentist throughout the entire process ensures that teeth are moving as expected. ClearCorrect is used most by teenagers and adults but can also be used by older adults and seniors. From crooked teeth to an under bite or in overbite as well as excessive spacing between teeth and crowded teeth, the possibilities are endless with regard to what ClearCorrect can do for patients. The length of treatment varies based on each patient’s individual needs.

Generally A Little More Affordable Than Other Options

Finally, ClearCorrect is remarkably similar to a technology known as Invisalign. Both technologies usual aligners that are made of clear plastic material and are intended to correct a patient’s smile overtime. ClearCorrect is a little different in that it offers different levels of treatment and is generally a little more affordable than other options. Those interested in straightening misaligned teeth or other similar dental problems should contact their dentist or orthodontist for more information. ClearCorrect is a great way to help children and adults alike enjoy the attractive smile and improved functionality that they all deserve. Contact your Elk Grove dentist, Dr. My Huynh at Laguna Park Dentistry for more information.

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